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Corporate Insolvency &


Chapter 11 Reorganization - Creditor Advisory Services

In bankruptcy proceedings, creditor committees may turn to a financial advisor to:


  • Assess a situation confronting the debtor company

  • Challenge and validate strategies and budgets proposed by the debtor company or its own financial advisors

  • Provide practical advice regarding risk management


The professionals at Focus Management Group have the skills and knowledge needed to assess and validate potential recovery strategies proposed by debtors and to provide independent recommendations through an analysis of a debtor’s financial affairs, operating capabilities and market positioning.


Acting as a financial advisor to the creditor committees, our professionals analyze books, records and agreements to verify the facts of bankruptcy proceedings and the budgets put forth by debtors. Focus Management Group will provide recommendations, propose alternate strategies for implementing a turnaround and provide on‐site coverage to ensure the debtor’s plan is properly implemented.

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