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Representative Past Deals

Biotech Company


Purchased - $33 Million

Public Storage Facilities

Storage Doors

Purchased - $19.6 Million

Wholesale Golf Distributor

Golf Balls

Purchased - $18 Million

Distressed Debt Portfolio

Image by Christian Wiediger

Purchased Bank Portfolio - $13.6 Million

Distressed Debt Portfolio

Image by Ferran Fusalba Roselló

Commercial Real Estate

Image by National Cancer Institute

Purchased Biotech Contract Research Facility - $7.7 Million

Purchased Bank Portfolio - $11.6 Million

Car Wash Development Company

Car Wash Service

Purchased and Financing - $6.5 Million

Recycled Lumber Manufacturer

Wooden Planks

Purchased - $6 Million

Multi-Tenant Commercial Real Estate 

Office Building

Purchased - $5.1 Million

Flag & Screen-Printing Company

Image by Andrew Ruiz

Purchased - $4 Million

Commercial Real Estate

Image by Daniel Smyth

Purchased - $3.6 Million

Screen Printer

Image by Frame Kings

Purchased - $3 Million

Representative Debt Refinancing

Global Olive Company

Marinated Olives

$125 Million

Crane and Rigging Equipment Company

Seaside Construction

$65 Million

Agricultural Seed Company

Coriander Seeds

$36 Million

National Technology Reseller

Electronic Devices

$30 Million

Rehabilitation and Vocational Services


$27 Million

Commercial Marine Service Company


$25 Million

Regional Commercial Bakery


$18 Million

Regional Transportation Company

Yellow Bus

$16 Million

Entertainment Software Firm

Game Controller

$8 Million

Hydraulic Lift Company

Image by Pickawood

$4 Million

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