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About Us

Founded in Chicago, Gage Investment Group is an investment firm that uses our operational proficiency and strategic resources to achieve improved profitability. We have a prestigious investing record using our own capital to acquire and grow companies ranging from $1 to $100 Million, regardless of EBITDA.

Gage Investment Group has vast experience investing in a wide range of industries in a number of different situations. In the firm's history, the partners have completed hundreds of successful investments.

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Operationally Focused

We pursue investment opportunities where we can apply our operational proficiency and strategic resources to achieve improved profitability. Our investment is much more than just money. We want to work with potential companies when we are able to collaborate with existing management to have a synergistic effect. This technique enables us to foster growth with smaller companies needing an ally to encourage success. Especially in positions where growth and success don't seem possible in the company's current conditions.

Partnership Oriented

It doesn't take skill to just invest in any business. The key to having successful investments that unlock tremendous upside for shareholders is establishing a common goal between investors and a company’s management team. The members of Gage Investment Group have been involved in countless engagements as owners and operators. With this unique background, we are equipped to perfectly aligned everyone's goals together as one.

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Independent and Flexible

For years, Gage Investment Group has invested our own capital and operational prowess in our portfolio companies (private equity in distressed debt or profitable companies). This allows us to remove any outside pressures and requirements of institutional investors. Additionally, it enables quicker transaction processes and more adaptability in our deal structure. We want to bring as much value as we are creating in these deals, where all parties come away with a much better future.

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