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Financial Advisory


Forensic & Investigative Accounting - Computer Forensics

All companies generate electronic information.  In the event that a company becomes involved in a legal dispute, it may become necessary to uncover potential legal evidence from computer systems, networks, wireless communications and storage devices.


Focus Management Group has extensive experience conducting thorough computer forensics investigations, with the ability to uncover a digital trail of e-evidence in a sound and timely manner. Our experienced professional team utilizes proprietary forensic collection and processing methodologies that significantly reduce cost and increase efficiency for discovering existing electronic data and recovering deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information.


Investigation & Analysis Techniques

Focus Management Group’s computer forensic specialists have substantial experience uncovering the “smoking gun”, which can provide critically decisive information for the successful outcome of a litigation or investigation. Our team applies computer investigation and analysis techniques to collect and analyze data in a variety of legal cases, including the following:


  • Trade Secret Theft

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Evidence Destruction

  • Intellectual Property Theft

  • Spoliation Matters

  • Digital Investigations

  • Internal Corporate Investigations

  • White Collar Investigation

  • Human Resource Investigations

  • False Claims Based on Tampered Evidence

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