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Financial Advisory


Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is critical to the success of any business, yet many companies lack appropriate cash management tools that are needed to guide the future. Through the process of monitoring, analyzing and adjusting cash flow, a company can avoid extended cash shortages and prepare for trouble before it strikes. The key to managing cash is to delay expenditures while encouraging that receivables be paid as quickly as possible. Through careful cash flow management, business profitability is only a forecast away.


Cash flow management can help you gain control of keeping cash in your business for longer periods of time. With help from our team of professionals, you’ll be surprised how this simple tool can transform the way you manage your business.


With a multitude of indicators, determining the most financial metrics may be difficult.  The experienced financial professionals at Focus Management Group can assist in optimizing cash flow performance in a variety of industries. We will assist in improving debt to equity ratios, optimize payables, reduce operating expenses and improve revenue, allowing companies to maximize free cash flow and improve performance.


Cash Flow Forecasting


Most organizations have ineffective forecasting methods and therefore face significant challenges in maximizing their cash inflow. Accurate cash flow forecasting allows maximization of cash outlays and inflows through the monitoring of a company’s cash position, identifying loan requirements and investment opportunities.


Focus Management Group will thoroughly analyze existing models, improve accuracy, develop consistent forecasting methodologies and share guidelines and goals with key managers. Cash flow forecasting and maximization will serve as the checks and balance system, providing organizations with the financial controls to guide performance, keep expenditures in line and improve bank relations.

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