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Financial Advisory


Corporate Finance

In times of change or growth, a business may need to turn to an outside advisor to help determine whether they are capable of achieving their financial goals for growth. Focus Management Group recognizes that performance improvement relates directly to identifying risk and the management of risk, and we use our knowledge to assist our clients achieve a successful outcome with our wide range of corporate finance capabilities.


Our Professionals leverage our experience and knowledge to provide the skills needed to help companies achieve their capital restructuring goals. We provide a complete range of creditor advisory, accounting advisory and merger integration and acquisition services to a wide range of industries. Our experts are former CEOs, CFOs and COOs who have award-winning experience in bringing our broad experience to every engagement in a clear and objective manner.

Business Sale Approach

  • Prepare Business Sale memorandum, including:

    • Executive Summary

    • Suggested Term Sheet

    • Identification of collateral base available to support debt facilities

    • Historic financials

    • Projected financials, including bridge analysis if appropriate highlighting any rationalization of cost structure anticipated to result from the sale of the Company.

  • Identify list of potential financial and strategic buyers with known appetite for businesses in this space.

  • Prepare Confidentiality Agreements

  • Set up secure virtual data room of Company information to share with potential buyers.

  • Prepare “teaser” one-page sheet to distribute to potential buyers, soliciting interest and inviting contact to obtain Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Track responses, and control process of releasing data to authorized potential buyers.

  • prospective buyers and Company.Facilitate on-site due diligence meetings between

  • Assist Company in negotiations and structuring of transaction with buyer.

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