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IT & Enterprise Risk Management

Today’s economy and complex challenges in IT strategy require a combination of cutting-edge technology, cost efficiencies and innovation. This is particularly true of businesses with significant technology back-offices. To address these challenges, the professionals of Focus Management Group utilize the discipline of enterprise risk management in the planning and assessment of strategic objectives, and the monitoring and reporting on associated risks.


It is increasingly important that companies learn how to innovate with limited or even declining resources. A comprehensive technology strategy can determine whether a business is progressing on a plan of recovery worthy of continued support, or if an exit is required. This includes in-depth cost containment strategies, leveraging analytics, advanced desktop virtualization, unified telecommunications, updated compliance frameworks, leveraging mobile and Internet technologies, portfolio management disciplines, efficient organizational structures and appropriate hardware.


Focus provides a wide range of IT assessment and facilitation to lenders and their portfolio clients across a wide range of industries, including the following:

  • Serve as interim COO or CIO of a technology operation

  • IT Due Diligence analysis of potential acquisitions

  • Technology project oversight to insure CapEx opportunities reap expected benefits


The Focus Technology Success Strategy

The 14 Major Tactics of Recovery

Focus Management Group offers a comprehensive Technology Success Strategy, incorporating 14 major tactics of recovery, management and capital preservation, which includes a purpose-built component for enterprise risk management. Our strategy allows an organization to assess strategic risks and objectives across the enterprise, link strategic objectives with enterprise risks, minimize loss and enhance the decision-making process.


  • Organization

  • Security

  • Compliance

  • Cost Management


  • Data-Center

  • Network

  • Systems

  • Voice Internet

  • Internet Technologies


  • Architecture

  • Mobility

  • Information/Data

  • R&D

  • Desktop

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