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Asset & Equipment Reliability

Redefining Asset Reliability Management & Maintenance

  • The function of Asset Reliability Management is to consistently deliver maximum available capacity by systematically improving both primary and secondary asset performance.

  • The maintenance function can no longer be viewed as a cost center or a department with merely the people to call when things break down, but rather a world-class reliability function whose performance is equally important as all other aspects of business.

  • Asset Reliability Management and Maintenance excellence must be championed to deliver process predictability, continuous productivity and increase plant profitability. This interdependent relationship is the drive towards maintaining or gaining a competitive industry advantage.


A Systematic Approach to Asset Reliability Management

  • Focus’ approach to Asset Reliability Management and a world-class maintenance organization is the development of the Asset Reliability Model(sm)

  • The model is designed and implemented through a participative process with the client to strategically deliver the best processes, practices, procedures and organizational function

  • The Asset Reliability Model(sm) easily integrates with processes such as Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, ISO, etc.

  • The eight functional segments of Focus’ Asset Reliability Model(sm) delivers a comprehensive asset reliability management process and the ‘track’ for management and the maintenance department to follow to achieve maintenance excellence

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