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Focus Management Group Webinars

Here you can find a collection of recordings for our past webinars. We will continuously update this page and add new recordings. Make sure to check in regularly so you're up to date on all of the latest posts!


Emerging Trends are Converging - Podcast


We discuss the convergence of the emerging trends of labor issues, inflationary pressures, commodity price changes, supply chain stress and cyber security. These headwinds are challenging when they happen separately, and even more challenging today when they are converging.

Listen to this discussion between Senior Managing Director Juanita Schwartzkopf and Managing Director Joe Karel. These are important discussions for lenders and companies to have now. No business is immune from some combination of the impact of these emerging trends.


Emerging Trends Mini-Webinar Series


The news is full of articles about emerging trends – inflation, commodity price changes, labor shortages, supply chain problems, and cybersecurity.

We developed an initial series of live 30-minute Emerging Trends Mini-Webinars with Q&A on these topics:

  • Part 1 - Labor Market

  • Part 2 - Inflation & Commodity Prices

  • Part 3 - Cybersecurity

  • Part 4 - Supply Chain

This series of mini-webinars will allow you to have a deeper understanding by exploring how to evaluate a business’s performance impact from these emerging trends by considering examples of financial impacts from typical decisions businesses make in responding to what is happening in the economy. Make sure you are aware of how everything is changing so you can best protect your businesses, borrowers, or investments.

Part 1: Labor Market

Part 2: Inflation and Commodity Pricing

Part 3: Cybersecurity

Part 4: Supply Chain


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