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Investment Types

Taking Notes

Special Situation Investments

We invest in instances we can utilize our own private capital, and we are dedicated to adding operational value to our portfolio business by investing in special situations that other financial or strategic investors stay away from. Some examples include:

Out-of-Favor Industries

Businesses in industries that investors bypass because of the timing of an economic cycle, headline risk, or unfavorable industry attributes. The most important thing is that a business is marketing a compelling product or maintains a specific market niche.

Companies with Unique Environmental, Union, or Other Problems

We have a long record of investing in businesses damaged from unfavorable union dynamics, environmental issues or other unique issues. If we can evaluate these problems and discover a way to temper their risk, we are open to investing.

Corporate Orphans

Smaller departments of bigger companies that have suffered from a lack of attention and resources.

Companies with Customer Concentration

Companies with a concentration of one customer or a single, non-desirous customer type. As long as we think a company has a compelling product or maintaining a specific market niche, we are interested.

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