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Investment Types

Taking Notes

Performing Businesses

Gage Investments Group invests in companies ready for strong growth that typically have between $1 - $100 Million of revenue. We also consider companies with negative EBITDA. We aim to find investments opportunistically through our network of industry professionals.


The essence of Gage Investments' approach to private equity investing is to identify founders and administrators who want to accomplish bold growth goals by providing support and resources without interfering in the regular day-to-day operations.

Generational Sales

We can often times promote the current members of a family-owned business to sell a piece of their company for liquidity or estate reasons while still retaining family post-deal unity in the management and/or ownership of the business.

Cash Flow Transactions

Gage Investment Group’s uncommon style as an investor of our own private capital let's us to invest in long-term synergies that depend on a business’s cash flow instead of exit sales. This is a benefit when ownership does not want to go the route of the private equity cycle, where their company will have to be re-sold every 3–5 years. Or the business, either by its nature or its industry, has no definable exit sale strategy.

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