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Focus Management Group: April Month in Review

Each month we will be posting an overview article that covers our recent company articles, announcements, and insights. Below is for the month of April.


3-Part Series: Accounting for the Payroll Protection Program

Companies are quite creative when it comes to accounting for unusual items such as the Payroll Protection Program (“PPP”). By the time we all arrive at year end accounting and related adjustments, many lenders will have already made decisions based on interim in-house financial statements. What to Watch For?


Since we all have to eat, why is food processing risky right now?

The problems these companies are experiencing are significant, and affect the very ability to survive to the next crop cycle or the next season. While the nontraditional lenders are often able to show more patience with their borrowers, even the nontraditional lenders are concerned about their borrowers’ survival possibilities.


2-Part Series: Returning to Normal in Coronavirus Defined Stages

We all want to return to normal, or the new normal, as quickly as possible. The question businesses and their stakeholders need to ask themselves is what does normal mean and how can the return be financed?


ALERT: PPP Additional Scrutiny Over $2 Million

Be alert that there will be additional scrutiny for any PPP loan over $2 million prior to forgiveness! Government guidelines are pushing responsibility to the borrowers. Click the article below to read more.


FMG Welcomes Matt Lupton as Managing Director

Matt is a turnaround management professional with over 10 years of business experience dealing with complex financial and operational issues in the manufacturing sector, agriculture, service, and various other industries. He will be based out of the firm's Dallas location.


New Focus Website

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our new website! The new layout and design will allow us to better serve our customers and clients. Visit our website to see the new look.


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